$55040 HOURS
General Instructor Development 13E
This course is an approved DCJS alternate instructor class. The course covers topics such as teaching adult learners, elements of instructional leadership, effective communication skills, establishing student/teacher relationships, how to design and create effective lesson plans and civil liability. This class is intensive and requires full student participation; students are required to complete a lesson plan and successfully pass a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.
Prerequisites: Students must meet one (1) of the following requirements: Either three (3) years of supervisory or managerial experience with a private security services business or with a Federal, State, or Local law enforcement agency, or related field; OR Five (5) years of experience with a private security services business, with a Federal, State, or Local law enforcement agency, or related field; OR Minimum of one (1) year experience as an instructor or teacher at an accredited educational institution or agency in the subject matter for which certification is requested, or in a related field.
$60040 HOURS
Bail Enforcement Agent (44E)
Ethics, Virginia Codes and Regulations, State and Federal Laws Regarding Bail Enforcement, Fugitive Recovery and Procedures, Agent Survival, Legal Responsibilities and Procedures, Agent Survival, and Apprehension of a Fugitive.
$60040 HOURS
Bail Bondsman (40E)
Ethical Standards, Civil and Criminal Law, State and Federal Court Systems, Fugitive Recovery, Legal Procedures, Civil and Criminal Liability, Agent Survival, Use of Force Procedures, Bondsman Duties and Responsibilities, Release from Legal Obligation, and Investigative Techniques.
$42524 HOURS
Special Conservator of the Peace-SCOP (06E)
Legal Authority, Virginia Codes and Regulations, Duties and Responsibilities, Legal Procedures, Civil and Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Laws of Arrest, Use of Force Laws, and Rules of Evidence.
$1008 HOURS
Arrest Authority (05E)
Arrest powers, Virginia Code and Regulations, Constitutional Laws, Due Process, Use of Force and Arrest Procedures.
$65060 HOURS
Private Investigator (02E)
Virginia Codes and Regulations, Legal Procedures, Civil Law and Criminal Law, Evidence Collection, Types of Investigations, Documentation: reports, digital documentation, photographs, courtroom testimony, and Investigative Skills.
$11518 HOURS
Security Officer Core Subjects (01E)
Virginia Codes and Regulations, Emergency Procedures, Use of Force Procedures, Civil and Criminal Laws and Responsibilities.

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