$3006 HOURS
Combination Tactical Handcuffing, O.C. Spray, and Taser for Security Services Personnel
Includes all topics covered in each of the individual courses. NOTE: Tasers are available for purchase for $325
$2008 HOURS
Taser for Security Personnel
Proper Deployment, Determining When and When Not to Deploy, Providing Medical Attention, How to Aim Device, and Proper Carry of your Stun Gun/ECD Device. Course cost also includes an approved stun gun for use. NOTE: Tasers are available for purchase for $325
$1002 HOURS
O.C. Spray for Security Personnel
How to Properly Aim, Holster and Transport, Spray Patterns, and Decontamination. Cost of the course includes 1 canister of MK 3 Pepper Spray.
$752 HOURS
Tactical Handcuffing for Security Services Personnel
Controlling the Suspect, Wristlock Techniques, Gaining Control over Suspect, and How to Handle Different Sized Suspects.

NOTICE: There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required for any course registration. If for any reason Knights Armor must cancel a course, the deposit is refundable.

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