Scram Cam (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring)

This is an alcohol monitoring system that is used for individuals that are out on bond and have been ordered to abstain from consuming alcohol as a condition of their release. These individuals are required to wear the Scram Cam bracelet around their ankle 24/7.  Because the individual to be monitored wears the Scram Cam device, there is no need for the person to be transported to another location to submit to alcohol screening.  The Scram Cam does transdermal (through the skin) testing for alcohol detection.

The cost of the service is an $80 set-up fee and $10 per day fee.

Scram GPS Location Monitoring

This is a GPS tracking service that can be used on either an individual that is out on bond and is deemed to be a flight risk by their bail bondsman or if they have been ordered to be tracked as a condition of their release by the court. The unit is a lightweight ankle bracelet that has a tamper-resistant fiber optic strap to keep the wearer from removing it and the device is also water resistant.

The cost of the service is an $80 set-up fee and $10 per day fee.

NOTE: The Scram CAM and the GPS Tracking devices can be used in conjunction with one another or they can be used individually.


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