$1008 HOURS
Bail Enforcement Agent (44I)
Legal Updates, Liabilities and Limitations, Recovery Procedures, and Fugitive Apprehension.
$1008 HOURS
Bail Bondsman (40I)
Legal Updates, Fugitive Recovery, Investigative Techniques, and Use of Force.
$1008 HOURS
Special Conservator of the Peace-SCOP (06I)
Legal Authority, Legal Updates, and Job-Related Training.
$1008 HOURS
Private Investigator (02I)
Legal Updates, Basic Law, Privacy Requirements, and Civil and Criminal Liability.
$604 HOURS
Security Officer Core Subjects (01I)
Job-related Training, and Legal Updates.

NOTICE: There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required for any course registration. If for any reason Knights Armor must cancel a course, the deposit is refundable.

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